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Zion Ministerial Institute… be TRAINED, be TRANSFORMED! 


Students of the Word

One of the main purposes of Zion Ministerial Institute is to train students in the Word of God to become effective leaders, whether in their local church, abroad, or in their own communities. Such leaders must be those who apply the Word in their lives and work in the Kingdom of God, studying to show themselves approved unto God, who can rightly discern the truth.


Preparation for Ministry

Your studies at ZMI will prepare you for a life of great fruitfulness in your appointed calling and ministry, whether at home or to the nations. Many ZMI graduates go on into various forms of ministry, either part-time or full-time, including missionaries, pastors, and other ministry leadership positions.


Life of Worship

One of the core principles of ZMI is to prepare students to be worshippers. As students, you will have training and opportunities, both to learn to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, and how to lead others into this pure worship.


ZMI Welcomes You

Education at Zion Ministerial Institute is more than just academic training. It is a foundation for spiritual edification and a preparation for future ministry and leadership. ZMI seeks to prepare the student’s mind, soul, and spirit for the ministry that God has for them. We invite you to come and experience ZMI for yourself!

Apply Online

The ZMI online application is a simple process that can be completed in short order. Simply fill out our online application, have a member of the clergy complete a recommendation form, and request any official copies of your high school and college transcripts be sent directly to ZMI. Please click on this link to start the Online Application.


The Zion Ministerial Institute campus is located in Waverly. New York. Enjoy the beauty of the view from atop Glory Hill, a place set apart for the presence of the Lord.


Take Route 17 to Waverly Exit 60 (Route 220 Exit). Go to Route 17C and turn left. Drive up the hill until you see O’Brien’s Inn on the left. On the right, you will see the sign and entrance for ZMI. Drive up Zion Road to the top of the hill until you arrive at the ZMI Campus.